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Energy Performance Contracting
Energy services such as Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) help building owners in the modernisation of their facilities, and to make their buildings more energy efficient. The planning, financing, implementation and maintenance of a set of technical measures are outsourced to an experienced energy service company (ESCO). The ESCO finances all investments through future energy savings, guarantees energy and cost savings to the client and bears the financial, technical and performance risks.
GuarantEE fosters the use of Energy Performance Contracting in the public and private sector across Europe by especially developing innovative EPC solutions for rented facilities, making EPC more flexible to better serve private sector clients and supporting EPC pilot projects with experienced facilitators.
The 14 consortium partners of the guarantEE project are covering large parts of Europe in a mix of advanced and emerging ESCO markets.
The GuarantEE project is being funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. (http://guarantee-project.eu)
EPC facilitators: role and added value
Experienced EPC facilitators can support the demand side in the preparation phase, in calculation of business cases and scenarios, and also in the tendering and implementation phases, with technical, financial, legal knowledge. They can also support the project organisation and communication.
The strategic question is: make or buy? EPC facilitators help their clients in the consideration on how to implement best? In-house implementation or outsourcing with Energy Contracting?
For the demand side independency of the EPC facilitators is very important. There may be no conflicting interests. The rules are clear: EPC facilitators are not allowed to take part in the tender or be affiliated with potential bidders. This can be captured in the facilitator's contract.
But: the client may explicitly ask the EPC facilitator to give feedback to both the contracting authority and the provider(s). This will improve the tender specifications, facilitate transparent cooperation, and lead to the most sustainable solutions, technically as well as economically.
'Accreditation' / Self declaration
There is no formal accreditation or qualification procedure to be included in the list of EPC facilitators. Instead, facilitators have to provide a self-declaration on their qualifications and references.
Listed EPC facilitators agree to
Accept the GuarantEE EPC Facilitators criteria
Support the standards of the European Code of Conduct for EPC
Make use of the EESI2020 Facilitators Guide for EPC (.pdf)
Participate in EPC facilitators trainings (or webinars)
Publish their professional qualification and references.
Register themselves to this guarantEEforum and share their knowledge with other EPC facilitators
For the demand side it is very important that the expertise, quality and independency of facilitators are guaranteed. Therefore every EU partner will facilitate a website for facilitators to be listed and provide a concise self-description on their personal qualification as EPC facilitator.
EPC facilitators will be registered on independent national websites, and also on the GuarantEE website. This will be an open pool.
Registration will be for natural persons only (1 contact person, at senior level, is responsible; also for enabling all relevant expertise/collegues). No registration institutions, only for individual persons.
Only the facilitators themselves are responsible for the correctness of the data provided. There will be no formal accreditation.