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Self declaration

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Self declaration
An EPC-Facilitator should:
Support and adhere the GuarantEE EPC facilitators criteria
Support and adhere the Transparense Code of Conduct
Read the EESI 2020 EPC Facilitators Guideline and operate according to these principles
Publish a Track record:
- Contact information
- Professional education and expertise
- Realised EPC projects, with references and links
- Alternatively: Relevant EPC Facilitator trainings completed
Declaration of intention for continuously develop and train EPC Facilitator skills,
       e.g. follow GuarantEE trainings / webinars
* Disclaimer: Only the signatories themselves are responsible for the correctness of the data provided. There will be no formal accreditation or control.
* Registration is for natural persons only, at senior level, and not for consultancies
Registration of EPC Facilitators
All GuarantEE partners organize registration of EPC Facilitators at national level.
(e.g. for The Netherlands registration is offered by www.qbis.nl)
GuarantEE project
This self declaration is made under the flag of the H2020 GuarantEE project.